Fall Colors Moss Stitch Blanket

fall colors moss crochet blanket

Hello friends!

Here is a different version of the Rainbow Moss Stitch blanket using the fall colors that I had leftover in the bag of Caron Little Crafties.

I decided to reverse the pattern, however, and add in more white and make the colors appear speckled.

caron little crafties

There are twenty different colors of yarn in this little pack that really you could do so many different versions. You also could make this much larger than the baby sizes I chose to make. 

Here’s the Rainbow Moss Stitch Blanket I made first, in case you haven’t seen it: 

rainbow crochet blanket 

The yarn I used for the white is Caron Simply Soft. It made the blanket softer and provided a nice drape since Caron Little Crafties are also great for amigurumi crochet.

fall colors moss crochet blanket in progress

If you’ve already made the Rainbow Moss Stitch blanket and want the quick down low on what I did differently, I worked two rows of white with one row of color in between. This made the blocks of color taller and I only ended up using 5 colors, instead of 11. 

Keep scrolling for the full pattern, as well as a free printable version at the end of the post. I will also add the video tutorial for the Rainbow Blanket in case you just need to see how to carry the yarn across one row.

(In this case, you’ll carry white across the row with you when you are working the moss stitch with the color.)

fall colors moss crochet blanket border


1 pack of Caron Little Crafties (100% acrylic, 20 g/0.7 oz, 58 m/63 yds)

3 skeins of Caron Simply Soft in White (100% acrylic, 170 g/6 oz, 288 m/315 yds)

Size H/5.00mm hook, scissors, tapestry needle

Stitch marker


Finished size 32 in x 32 in

Gauge 4 in = 20 st and 20 rows of pattern


Single Crochet (SC): Insert hook, yarn over and pull a loop back through, yarn over and pull through all loops on hook.


Chain 140 with White.

ROW 1: SC in the 4th chain from hook, *CH 1, SK next CH, SC in next CH, repeat from * to the end of the row, ending with one SC into the last chain. CH 2 and turn. 

ROW 2: SC in first CH 1 space from the previous row, *CH 1, SK 1 single crochet stitch, SC in next CH 1 space, repeat from * to the very end, the last SC should be worked into the space between the CH 2 turning chain and SC from the previous row. On the last stitch of row pull through with color. CH 2 and turn.

(Going forward I will refer to the combo of stitches and how it was worked as the Moss Stitch)

ROW 3: Work Moss Stitch with Color, carrying the White along the row and pulling through with the White at the end of the row. 

ROWS 4 AND 5: Work Moss Stitch with White. Pull through with color at the end of row 5. 

Repeat rows 3 through 5 for the rest of the blanket making the following Color changes after 9 rows of color, (with 2 rows of white in between):

Gold, Grey, Maroon, Blue, Emerald Green

Place a stitch marker in the final stitch of the row. Weave in all the ends before beginning the border.  

fall colors moss blanket with white border


Round 1: Remove stitch marker and begin the border by working “SC, CH 1, SC” in the corner (and in each corner.) Work Moss Stitch around. (Work 1 SC at the end of a row, CH 1, skip a row, SC into the end of the next row.) Join with a slip stitch to first SC, CH 1 and turn. 

Rounds 2 through 6: Work Moss Stitch around working “SC, CH 1 SC,” around the chain 1 space for each corner. Join with a slip stitch and turn for each round. 

Here is a video tutorial for the Rainbow Moss Stitch blanket that will demonstrate the stitch and how to carry the yarn across, keep in mind for the fall blanket you’ll be reversing the pattern to two rows of white and one row of color. 

Thank you so much for stopping by our website! We just love to see your versions of our blankets, be sure and snap a picture and share with us! Use #daisyfarmcrafts on Instagram or join the Daisy Farm Crafters Group and share with us in the group. 

Have a wonderful crochet day! 

XO, Tiffany

Click here or on image below for printable pattern