Crochet Moss Stitch Pocket Scarf

woman wearing pocket scarf

Hi, it’s Cyndi, Tiffany’s sister!  This is my second pattern as a new crocheter! I made and designed this soft cozy scarf from just one round of Caron’s Colorama Halo in Vanilla Frost.

I love how the long vertical graduation of color creates the look of a lighter or darker collar depending on how you drape the scarf around your neck.  

woman wearing pocket scarf


After the initial chain stitch is complete you can just sit back and relax and watch the color changes emerge into a beautiful soft hombre.  

scarf laying on table with black glasses in the pocket


 The length of the scarf is variable depending on how low or high you would like the pockets to be so here’s my recommendation. 

If you are 5’ 7” to 6’ feet tall– chain 72 inches or 7 feet

If you are 5’ 2” tp 5’ 6”  feet tall– chain 60 inches or 6 feet

scarf and yarn on table


For best results measure the chain around your neck and fold up the ends 10 inches to estimate where the pockets will fall.  The scarf when finished has some stretch.

scarf on table with stitch markers


To get an idea of how long my finished scarf is and where the pockets fall I am 5’ 8” tall 

woman wearing scarf


Approximate Crochet Time:  6-8 hours


 1 O’go of Caron Colorama Halo Yarn in Vanilla Frost

Crochet hook size 7 mm

tapestry needle, scissors, tape measure


Chain 7 feet (84 inches) making sure you end with an even number of chains. 

Tip: place a stitch marker every 50 chains to help keep track of the counting.

Moss Stitch (tap name to be taken to the video tutorial)

ROW 1: Starting in the 4th chain from hook, work 1 SC. *CH 1. Skip one chain, SC in next chain. Repeat from * across the row, ending with 1 SC into the last CH. CH 2 and turn.

ROW 2: Starting in the first CH 1 space from previous row, work 1 SC. *CH 1, skip 1 SC, SC in next CH 1 space, repeat from * across the row, ending with 1 SC worked into the space between the final SC and CH 2 turning chain from the previous row. CH 2 and turn.

REPEAT ROW 2 for approximately 20 rows or until the scarf is about 12 inches wide. 

Cut yarn leaving at least 8 inches of tail. Secure last stitch by pulling it through the loop to create a knot then weave in the end with a tapestry needle. 

stitch markers on scarf


Pockets:  Fold up ends 10 inches.  Secure with stitch markers.  Using a tapestry needle and leftover yarn, stitch the sides together leaving a 6 to 8 inch tail at each end. 

Remove stitch markers and weave in ends.  I used a blanket stitch but whatever stitch you like is fine as well.

stitch markers on scarf


As a beginner my tension isn’t quite consistent yet and the ends of my scarf were wider and didn’t match up exactly to make the pockets and so I used the tapestry needle and some yarn to weave in and out along the top of the pocket to gather in the sides until they matched and then I secured the stitch at either end and wove in the tails.

Overall, I’m so happy I learned this basic stitch. It’s so beautiful and I love the amazing projects Tiff has done with this. My favorite is the Rainbow Moss Stitch blanket she made for my “grand-kittens.”

rainbow crochet blanket


Tiff and I chat about my progress on her Youtube Channel once a week. Here’s the episode where I chat about this scarf:


I am having so much fun learning this craft! I can’t believe it took me so long to want to try it. 

Thanks for stopping by and thank you Tiff for teaching me! 

XOXO, Cyndi

woman wearing scarf


Click image below to download a pdf of the pattern.

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