Crochet Granny Square Romper and Sun Hat

Baby girl wearing crochet granny square romper with crochet sun hat

So many of you told me it would be a blast to become a Grandma and you were totally right! I can’t stop making little outfits for baby Kate. 

This crochet granny square romper was a request from Kate’s mommy, (my darling daughter-in-law Elizabeth.) She saw us share the Yarnspirations pattern a few weeks ago and asked if I could make it. 

Nothing makes me happier than a request to crochet! 

Woman with baby girl in crochet outfit

So since this is a pattern on the Yarnspirations website, I am going to give you a review and some extra tips if you want to make it for your little one. 


Crochet romper and hat with 3 skeins of yarn

First, the yarn. The pattern calls for Bernat Softee Acrylic yarn, a 3 weight yarn. But I substituted Bernat Softee Baby Cotton and Bernat Cotton, also a 3 weight yarn. I like using the cotton blend yarn since we live in Arizona, but if you want to use Bernat Softee Acrylic, I believe they still carry the same colors. 

For Fucshia (hot pink) and Clear White tap these linked words. 

For Petal (soft pink) tap these linked words.

(Yarnspirations sells Bernat Softee Cotton and Bernat Softee Baby Cotton, they are the same yarn, but have different labels and colors available in each line.)

I used a G hook and made the 6-month size. Kate is 6 months exactly. I do still usually have an article of clothing that fits her that I measure the outfit against so I can make sure it’s going to be the correct size. 

Even though the pattern says on the main page 6 months, there are instructions for up to 24 months. 

granny square crochet romper

The only instruction on the pattern that seems to be left out is on the waistband. It is missing the instruction to work 11 SC2TOG on the other side of the waist. You can see how it gathers in at the waist on each side, and the instructions are missing to work the SC2TOG on the other side. 

It is worked back and forth from the bottom up. You make one bottom cuff, and then the next and then the top of them, adding chains in between for the crotch. You don’t sew the legs and crochet together until the waistband is finished. 

The straps are made separately from the granny square and then sewn to the sides of the granny. The granny square is also made separately and then the bottom is sewn onto the top of the waistband. 

After I sewed this all together, I realized that I made the granny square one round too many for the 6 month size. I made the granny square with 5 rounds. I wanted to end in white so I could see the contrast with the hot pink. 

Something to keep in mind if you want to make 4 rounds of granny square, is to change the color combo so the last round doesn’t match the color used for the romper. 

The bucket hat is also a Yarnspirations pattern. I followed that pattern exactly as written and the hat is a little big on Kate, but still really cute. It sort of looks like a sun bonnet to me instead of a bucket hat. 

The pattern uses Bernat Softee Cotton, so that is what I used as well. I didn’t find any mistakes in the written pattern. It is all single crochet worked in the round. I used a stitch marker for each round and that was very helpful. 

Overall the hat took me about 4 hours to make, the romper was about 8 hours. I made it over 2 days.

One more picture of our smiley Kate Tiffany. She is an absolute joy in every way. Just the sweetest little baby girl. I can’t wait until her hair keeps coming in to see her beautiful red hair! 

Here are the links to the patterns: 

Bernat Crochet Baby Romper

tap photo for pattern

Bernat Bucket Hat

tap photo for pattern

As always, thank you so much for stopping by and seeing what we are making for our friends and family! We definitely love to crochet and are so happy to share our patterns and ideas. 

Happy Crocheting! 

XO, Tiffany