Crochet Chat with Tiffany and Cyndi!

Hi all! 

I’d like to introduce you to my sister Cyndi! 

Cyndi and Tiffany

Some of you may remember that she is the illustrator/artist for our children’s book DAISY’S GRANDMA LOVES TO CROCHET.

Or, you may remember that I made the Inverse Squares Blanket for her. 

Well, she has decided to learn how to crochet! I’m so excited because she is an artist and has a lot of design knowledge. I know once she learns the basics she’s going to be making so many beautiful items. 

We decided that it might be fun to chat about her crochet journey and watch her progress on Youtube once a week. 

We’ve been doing a few practice shows as we needed to learn how to Zoom and go live on Youtube. So far so good, and we are having so much fun.

Here’s our latest episode:

So far she has learned the single crochet stitch in all its forms, front loop, back loop, and regular SC under both loops. I also introduced her to the Moss Stitch. 

Here she is with her first single crochet scarf she made. I’m a proud sis! But look what she’s designing with the Moss Stitch: 

Just so fun! She brings glamour and art to whatever she touches and I’m thrilled she wants to learn how to crochet. 

Each week we are going to check in with each other. She will report on what she’s learned and ask me questions that might have come up. 

So far we have covered, weaving in the ends, stitch markers, and how to keep the sides of your work straight. 

I’ll give her a new assignment each time and then she also will be designing a project after she learns new stitches. 

(We also get sidetracked a lot, forget what we were talking about, and laugh as old ladies do!) 

So come on over if you need something to listen to, or if it works in your schedule, we are going LIVE every Wednesday around 10 AM AZ time (which for now is PST, in October it changes to MST, it’s an Arizona thing, we don’t do daylight savings here.)

Cyndi also has a YOUTUBE Channel she is just getting going. She might do recaps of what she’s learned or little videos of her other art and projects she has going. (She also does gorgeous embroidery.) 

The business name that she goes by is SUGAR JOYE. That is the name of her Youtube channel as well. 

So you could subscribe to her channel as well if you like! 

Thank you! 

XO, Tiffany