Crochet Baby Socks Pattern by Red Heart

baby wearing crochet sweater and crochet socks

Baby Jack is starting to be more alert. He is one month old now and it was time for him to get dressed up a little! Oh, how we have had so much fun with him. Here he is in the Even Moss Sweater I made for him.

But I wanted to make him matching socks to finish off his outfit. For time and ease, I found the perfect pattern on for him. 

baby wearing crochet socks

I liked how they had ribbing at the top that I knew would stretch enough and roll down so the socks wouldn’t come off. 

I also liked that it was a very well written pattern and easy to follow. I hear a lot that some struggle reading crochet patterns, I personally write my patterns in more of an explanation style, to help those who don’t read crochet patterns, but for this one, I feel like you could give it a try. It seems very straight forward. 

baby wearing crochet socks

You begin with the ribbing portion at the top, then join it together like you would ribbing for a hat. Then work around one edge. The heel portion will be the trickiest but that’s where I feel like the pattern was very well explained. 

After the heel, you work in the round, no joining rounds, and then you decrease and tie off. 

You can find the pattern by clicking HERE

The yarn I used for the sweater and for the socks is also on It’s is called Sugar Bush Crisp and is extra fine washable merino wool. I really liked working with it for the extra bounce and stretch it offered. 

His little socks bounced right back into shape.

mom holding baby in crochet sweater

I can’t wait to keep making him little outfits! It’s so fun to finally have a grandbaby to dress up! 

Thanks for stopping by and happy crocheting! 

xo, Tiffany