Crochet Basketweave Stitch

close up of crochet basketweave stitch with cream yarn

This is what can happen when you start playing around with double crochet. I promise it’s not as hard as it might look. But first, you need to know some lingo. The vertical part of the DC stitch is called the “post.” So you’re not going into the top of the stitch when you make a basketweave, you are either inserting your hook from the back of the post to the front, or front to back. The stitch will be wrapped around the post. This will make the DC look forward or behind. This is worked in rows.

Make a chain in multiples of 8 then add 4.

In the 4th chain from the hook, (the chain 3 counts as first DCDC into each stitch across. Ch 3 and turn. FP DC (front post double crochet) around the next 4 DC‘s. Then, BPDC (back post double crochet) around the next four. Alternate to the end. You should have one DC left (the turning chain) and in that one, do a regular DC into the top of the stitch. (Not around the post) chain 3 and turn. FPDC around the post of the next 4 DC, BPDC around the posts of the next 4 and repeat across. The last stitch will be a dc into the top of the turning chain.

Repeat this two more times, or until you feel like a square is made. If you use chunky yarn two rows might be just fine.

To make a new row of blocks that are the opposite, after the chain three and turn, start with a BPDC around the post of the next 4 stitches, then FPDC around the post of the next four stitches. The ends will always finish with one DC into the top of the turning chain.

Mastering this technique gets you one step closer to understanding how cables are made. Try it out! And good luck. Here is a video clip of the basketweave stitch: 

Click here for a blanket pattern using this stitch!

work in progress of pink crochet basketweave blanket