Baby James and a Crochet Blue and White Stripe Blanket

Baby with crochet blanket

This miracle child is 9 months old already! He is such a blessing in our lives. He is named after my dad, James, who passed the summer of 2020. Hannah is the oldest grandchild on my side of the family and I know my dad would be thrilled that she named her baby after him. 

But let’s chat about this blanket! My sister Cyndi, who has been learning how to crochet, made this for him! She was so excited to make a baby version of her very popular Buttercream Stripes Throw

crochet blanket

She wanted her “Grand-phew” (she likes that better than great nephew, and I do too!) to have something handmade by her. 

Baby with crochet blanket

James is on the run these days however, so getting a picture of him was a challenge. I think this boy will be walking before he even turns one. 

Hannah barely has time to crochet these days this boy keeps her so busy. 

Baby with crochet Blanket

It’s such a beautiful blanket and I know James loves to play with the fun fringe she made all around the entire blanket. That is love and devotion. 

Here’s one more bit of good news though! Cyndi and my daughter Haley have been working hard to get Cyndi her very own crochet website up and going. 

And, this Baby Blue and White Blanket is the first pattern she has written and published on her site, yahoo! 

Click here for the pattern. In that post you also will find a video tutorial and a free printable pdf of the pattern.

(We did also transfer some of her earlier patterns over there too, so make sure you check it out.)

She has so many creative ideas to share, so make sure when you head over there to sign up for her newsletter so you can be emailed her latest pattern releases. 

She’s on  Pinterest, Youtube and, so to follow her along, those are the places you will find her. 

We have had so much fun sharing her journey of learning how to crochet this last year, chatting each week on Crochet Sister Chat, and can’t wait to start up again in the Fall of 2023. 

I’m proud of you sis! 

And thank you for making James a blankie! 

XOXO, Tiff