50 Free Crochet Patterns That Use Granny Squares

We are happy to have found 50 free patterns on the Yarnspirations website that use granny squares or granny stitches and share them with you today. Granny squares are back in a big way. They are becoming the number one searched type of crochet across the interwebs. We love to see it! 

If you missed our earlier posts, Red Heart came out with a granny square yarn that makes changing colors a breeze when making a granny square. I used it to make Annie a granny square cardigan. The yarn is now available on the Joann.com website and will be available at Wal-mart this summer. 

Her friends loved it on her and now they are learning how to make their own. But there are so many more things you can make with granny squares. 

We pulled patterns from the archives on Yarnspirations and found a few patterns from back in the day. This list includes hats, backpacks, dog sweaters, hand warmers, sweaters, dresses and even pants! The possibilities are endless with granny squares.

As always, it’s a list that you can quickly scroll through, tap “pattern” and you’ll be taken to the Yarnspirations website and download the pattern. 



50 Free Patterns That Use Granny Squares


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