25 Crochet Blanket Challenge!

crochet pattern book

Hi there! It’s Tiffany here, and I’d like to officially let you know that if you were to make all 25 blankets in our 25 Baby Blanket Patterns Book, we would absolutely love to send you a copy of our next book when it is published. 

Let me back up and tell you how this idea all started. Earlier this week, Kathleen from the Instagram account @backonmybobblestitch sent us this picture: 

woman with blankets

She worked her way through the entire book, making each of our blankets and documenting the journey. She tagged us as well as shared it into the Daisy Farm Crafters group. 

I was so impressed I offered her a free copy of our next book. And then I thought, why not offer all of you the same! 

Here’s a glimpse of the book cover (we are anticipating an August release date.) 

This will be a hard back, or soft back printed book (you can choose which version you’d like) that will have 50 more of our most popular patterns from our website. This edition will include hats, scarves, hot pads and blanket patterns. 

I mentioned this offer to Kathleen in a comment on her Facebook post and that’s when I decided to open the offer up to anyone. 

But I thought I better get on here to make it official and give you some guidelines. 

I just want to keep it simple so basically, the only thing you need to do is make all 25 blankets from the book and when you complete all 25, submit a photo with either all 25 like Kathleen did, or if you happen to give them away as you go, just make sure you snap a photo and then submit 25 photos of the blankets. 

Or you can put snapshots of all the blankets into a collage similar to the way Kathleen did here: 

Use any yarn, any colors, just use the patterns. 

There’s isn’t a deadline or anything, just if you want to take up the challenge, just know that if you do it, a free copy of our next book is waiting for you. 

Here’s the rest of the photos that Kathleen shared of all 25 blankets:

If you have any questions, send me an email tiffany@daisyfarmcrafts.com. If you aren’t on social media, that’s fine too, you can submit your photos by email. 

Overall, I’m just so thrilled that Kathleen put her mind to learning more about the art of crochet and chose to make our patterns on her journey. 

That just warms my very soul. 

Good luck if you choose to take on this challenge, I’m cheering you on! 

xo, Tiffany