Mixed Cluster Stitch Cowl

I love learning a new stitch and then making up a pattern to go with it. I also like when the right type of yarn, with the right size hook, can make the stitch turn out perfectly.  This mixed cluster stitch worked great for a cowl. 



I used Lion Brand Yarn Lions Pride Woolspun yarn to achieve this look. It is a size 5 Bulky weight yarn, 80% acrylic and 20% wool. 3.5 oz/100g.

If you can’t find this exact brand of yarn, at least use a 5 bulky weight yarn to achieve this exact look. The weight makes a difference. Your stitches will not look the same with a smaller weight yarn.

I used an 8.00 “L” size hook, but depending on how loose or tight you personally crochet, you will want to go up or down a size.



 (see bottom of page for abbreviation guide)

Chain multiples of 2, then add 1 extra chain for your base chain. 

I chained 18 + 1 = 19

Feel free to adjust to how wide you’d like your cowl between your neck and collar bone. 

ROW 1: SC into third chain from hook, (counts as first SC) and in each CH across.

ROW 2: Turn, CH 2 (counts as first HDC), YO, insert hook into first stitch, pull through only one loop, YO, pull through two loops, (two loops left on hook) (long DC made, or first half of the mixed cluster), SK one stitch, YO, insert hook into next stitch, pull through one loop, YO, insert hook again into same stitch, pull through one loop, YO, pull through all six loops on hook (mixed cluster made MC) CH 1 to close the cluster. **YO, insert hook into THE SAME STITCH, pull through one loop, yarn over pull through two loops, leave two loops on hook (Long DC made, first half of MC made), SK one ST, YO, insert hook into next stitch, pull through one loop, YO, insert hook again into same stitch, pull through one loop, YO, pull through all six loops on hook (mixed cluster finished) CH 1 to close the cluster.

Repeat from ** ending the last stitch in the top of the turning chain with 1 HDC. (TIP: try and go under both loops of turning chain, it looks neater when you’re finished, so keep the turning chains a little loose.)

ROW 3: CH 2, (very loosely, this counts as your first SC), SK 1 ST, SC into next and every ST across, making sure you SC in the turning CH from previous row. (If you chose to start the base chain with 18, you should have just SC 18 across, including the first two CH)

Repeat rows 2 and 3 until you have the length desired to wrap around your neck. I did 16 MC rows, That seemed to be long enough to fit comfortably around my daughters neck. Depending on how loose, or how tight you crochet, you will decide how long to make the cowl. 

With right sides together, slip stitch the ends across, fasten off, sew in ends.



I don’t know if the first half of the MC is called a long DC, it’s just what I’m calling it. I’ve seen other MC patterns where they YO and pull through two, then leave two on the hook and proceed to finish the stitch the same way. For this weight of yarn, it didn’t leave the first half of the MC tall enough and that is why I modified it. 

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