Welcome to the Daisy Farm!

hannah and tiffany

Hello, it’s us! Tiffany and Hannah the mom and daughter team behind Daisy Farm Crafts (Hannah is on the left in this photo)

We wanted to say hello to all our new and long-time followers. Every once in a while Hannah and I are in the same place at once and this holiday weekend happened to be it so we took some time to take a few photos.

We posted photos in our Instagram stories that gives a brief overview of who we are and how Daisy Farm started that I’d like to share here on the blog today.

For a more in-depth blog post of how we started crocheting, see this post I wrote a while ago about How It All Began. 

hannah and tiffany


tiffany crocheting



hannah holding blanket

girls wearing headbands

daisy farm crafts girls

tanner elizabeth baby Jack

baby Jack

tiffany and baby jack


screenshot youtube videos

screenshot amazon book listing

screenshot yarnspirations stitch ambassadors

screenshot instagram #daisyfarmcrafts

tiffany and hannah

We truly can’t thank you all enough for being here with us. Here’s to more years together!  I still crochet with the hope that more grandchildren will be coming our way, baby Jack has sure been a wonderful gift. 

Of course, I love that so many of you have made and gifted baby blankets made from Daisy Farm patterns that warms my very soul to think that something we have created is shared all over the world. 

Sending you all our crochet love, 

Tiffany and Hannah