Crochet Striped Mesh Stitch Blanket

mesh stripes blanket folded

The mesh stitch is a very easy stitch to do with fantastic results. I like that both sides of the blanket look the same. There is no right side or wrong side, except for the shell border, but that doesn’t matter at all.

I made this blanket using Isaac Mizhari yarn from Michael’s, but I don’t think this particular line is in production anymore, so feel free to use any 3 weight yarn you like!

The written pattern is below, but here is some video help if you are more of a visual learner!


Appx. 4 – 5 skeins of any 3 weight yarn

Size H/5.00mm hook, tapestry needle, scissors


Finished size 30 in x 30 in


Single Crochet (SC): Insert your hook, yarn over (YO) and pull up a loop, YO and pull through two loops on hook.

Double Crochet (DC): YO, insert your hook, YO and pull up a loop, YO and pull through two loops, YO and pull through remaining two loops.


Make a chain as long as you’d like in multiples of 2. 

Row 1: 1 SC into 2nd CH from hook, *CH 1, skip next CH, 1 SC into next CH* repeat * to the end, turn.

Row 2: CH 1, 1 SC into first SC, *CH 1, SK next CH 1, 1 SC into next SC* repeat * to the end, turn.

Repeat row 2 four more times, then change colors. Repeat row 2 six times, then change colors again. Each block of colors is six rows.

Tip: leave your tails hanging and weave in later, it helps you to know when you’ve reached the sixth row. I had a hard time distinguishing how many rows I had made. But having the tails out, was an easy marker, they should all be on one side of the blanket.


SC around the entire blanket two times. I stitched into the SC, and CH spaces and on the sides I put one stitch per row. I also did extra sc around the corners. 

Shell: 1 SC, *SK next SC, 5 DC into next SC, SK next SC, 1 SC into next SC,* repeat *to the end.

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Click here or on image below for printable pattern