Resources for Learning How to Crochet

Hi all! It seems like crochet season is in full swing! (Did you know there was even such a thing?) Since starting this crochet website, one thing we have noticed is in January, a whole lot more people pick up a hook and get busy! 

 I think a lot of us are putting our feet up by the fire and crocheting warm blankets. But whatever the reason, one thing that thrills me is the number of new people who want to learn how to crochet.

Lately, we have received more than the usual amount of emails and questions about what resources there are out there to learn how to crochet. 

So instead of replying individually through email, I thought I’d do a post to share a few ideas and names of other crocheters with you to help you out. 

First, maybe you might be thinking but Tiffany, how about you? 

And my answer is Yes! I try and teach what I’m making the best I can.

I’m thrilled you all have learned so much by following me, my girls, and now my sister, here on Daisy Farm Crafts. We absolutely love sharing what we are making. 

I’ve definitely written my patterns in a very simple explanatory way so more beginners can learn how to crochet something they see on our site, which is very important to me.

But I see myself as sharing my love of crochet. That you all have found us and we can share with you has made it that much more fun! 

For actual teaching resources in the crochet world, I’d like to share a few that might help you out more. 

First, is my friend Jolyn! 

We met this last summer at the Crochet Guild of America’s annual conference. She runs En Route Crochet. She offers private crochet instruction virtually or in person. She also has great beginner-friendly projects that you can learn on the go. 

We had so much fun at the conference together. She is so kind I know you’ll love her. Jolyn loves to crochet, travel and teach. She would love to help teach a beginner or help someone complete a project they are struggling with.

So check her out! 

The second place I’m going to recommend to learn how to crochet is Youtube.  Mikey from The Crochet Crowd has an excellent channel with beginner content as well as advanced.

Mikey has taught crochet for many years through his channel and has millions of followers. He is easy to learn from and has dedicated beginner resources for you. 


Mikey also creates a lot of intricate designs like the  Snow Days with Hot Chocolate blanket pictured above.

He is very generous in providing tutorials for right and left-handed people as well as publishing a lot of tutorials for the patterns that are on 

Mikey is a fellow Yarnpirations Stitch Ambassador with us and we have loved being able to meet him and learn of his passion for teaching. He also recently started a knitting channel as well. 

Third, when you are ready for more advanced learning, I’m going to encourage you to look at the Crochet Guild of America website.

This is the organization where I went to learn even more advanced crochet techniques and tips. They offer classes online that you can sign up for to learn advanced techniques. 

Also, if you really fall in love with crochet, you could become a teacher yourself through the program they offer. 

The last place I’ll recommend for more resources is the Craft Yarn Council website.

I refer to this site for information about yarn and hooks as well as size charts. There is a ton to learn about yarn on their website. 



They run the Warm Up America campaign as well as promoting other industry standards. 

The last resource I will let you know about after you have the basics down, (i.e. you know how to hold yarn and make a chain, turn and work a single crochet) is our stitch book that we put together of our favorite stitches that we use quite a bit in our designs. 

Our Favorite Crochet Stitches – click here to buy on Amazon

You don’t even have to buy it though, you can refer to all the stitches here on our website under the Menu Heading Stitches or you can simply watch the playlist on our Youtube channel. Sometimes that’s just enough to get you started. 

So whichever way you choose to learn how to crochet, I’m just absolutely thrilled that you want to! 

I’m ever so grateful to be part of your crochet journey and love when our patterns are used. We just love sharing in the joy of the craft. 

Feel free to come and join the Daisy Farm Crafters Group on Facebook to share a DFC pattern that you may have made. I find that to be the most motivating thing to keep on creating! 

You all have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by. 

XO, Tiffany