Crochet Waffle Stitch Playmat Blanket

baby on crochet playmat

A big happy smile from Jack as he plays on his new Waffle Stitch Playmat Blanket! I used a really easy pattern from called Stitch Club Jane’s Simple Striped Baby Blanket.

I made mine for baby Jack as a playmat because this is a simple version of a waffle stitch that is so puffy I knew it would be perfect as he is now learning to play with toys. 

baby laying on crochet playmat

I decided to use a lot of colors, we noticed that Jack loves to search for dark colors and light colors. Bernat Softee Chunky had shades of blue and teal that I paired with white and grey. 

crochet playmat in progress

I used 2 skeins of each of the colors, teal waves, light jade, grey heather, dark blue and light blue (these two colors are available at JoAnn.) I used 4 of the white because I chose to add a ribbed border. 

I used the base chain of 81 that is given in the pattern and used an 8mm size hook. 

I also chose to change colors every four rows and also during the row. 

(Caution, you will have a lot of ends to weave in if you make the block look. I don’t mind weaving in ends, but if you do, there will be two ends for every color change, I did not carry yarn through the rows, I simply changed color, left it behind, picked up for the return passes and then cut it after using it for four rows.)

I also didn’t use a graph or anything, I just changed colors as I went, it was quite relaxing. 

But here is a fully laid out version of the blanket to see how it looks: 

crochet playmat

Now I’m off to buy this boy more toys! He was such a trooper for the photoshoot. 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the new patterns on! 

XO, Tiffany

close up of crochet stitches

crochet playmat folded

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