Crochet Valentine Bear

Crochet Valentine Bear

I saw this little bear, made by Sarah at and fell in love! It also motivated me to learn how to make a stuffed animal. He was too cute not to try.

I have never made any sort of animal, or little object before. I read somewhere a while ago that making these types of projects are very similar to crocheting hats in the round. They usually start with Magic loops and you work in the round.

When I realized that is the basics to this type of crochet, I felt confident that I could give it a try.

This is a free pattern that is on and free for you to download if you’d like to give it a try too!

You also can read through the pattern and see what Sarah said about it on her site as well.

Here are a few of my thoughts as a first timer on this type of project.

I loved that it is made out of Bernat Velvet. Like really loved it. It made it feel more like a stuffed animal that you’d want to cuddle.

Buy the buttons they recommend before you start the project. You will need them for the face before you stuff it. I bought animal eyes and nose that are for stuffed animals at the craft store. They are like snap buttons and meant to be attached before you stuff, not sewn on after.

Instead of buying stuffing, I ripped open an old couch pillow I was getting ready to put in the Goodwill bin. Since you really don’t use that much stuffing, I’m glad I thought of that.

The pattern assumes you know when to stuff the body and the head, it doesn’t tell you specifically. But after you add the eyes and nose, you can stuff it.

Also, the pattern leaves it up to the designer as to where to place the arms, legs and tail. I made a guess and went for it. I felt like there probably wasn’t a wrong way to do it, I just needed to eyeball it and make it work.

I never wove in any beginning tails, just stuffed them to the inside. I did weave in the tails I used to sew with.

Be aware of the inside and outside of the work. You might need to turn your work inside out to get the proper side facing out. Just refer to the picture on the pattern, you’ll be able to see a difference in the two sides when working in the round, (all in one direction.)

Crochet Valentine Bear

Good luck on making your stuffed bear if you choose! And thanks Sarah for a great little pattern!