Crochet Pink Plaid Baby Blanket

Post EDIT: I made this in gray! 

I love that Bernat Softee Baby is offered striped or “marled” so the shading I needed for this design is already done for me. I previously made this in the pinks, and I knew I wanted to try it in gray. 

In this blanket however, the “gray marl” is the medium shade and used throughout the entire blanket. In the pink version below, the solid pink was the medium shade and used in the entire blanket. 

If this is your first time putting together a plaid or gingham blanket, keep reading below and I explain more. 

Here’s a photo of the two blankets side by side and you can see the difference in the yarn placement: 

Either way, they are beautiful! 

xo, Tiffany

crochet pink plaid baby blanket on ladder

I can’t think of a better way to start off the new year than making a new plaid baby blanket! Thank you to Michaels Craft Stores for sponsoring us with Bernat Softee Baby yarn in pink and pink marl. I love how it turned out:)

crochet pink plaid baby blanket laying flat

If you’ve never made a gingham or plaid style blanket, I have a YouTube tutorial to accompany this pattern that will walk you through the basics. 

I know it can look intimidating, but I promise, it is not as hard as you think. I have seen hundreds of crocheters make a gingham blanket and share with me that after it’s done, it wasn’t as hard as they thought. 

crochet pink plaid blanket with hook and yarn

It takes making a small swatch with the tutorial, and then you are off and running making the full blanket. A gingham or plaid baby blanket is my absolute favorite shower gift to give. If you’ve come straight from YouTube looking for the graph, see below.

click here to print PDF of graph


Bernat Softee Baby (100% acrylic, 140g/5 oz, 331 m/362 yds)

3 skeins Prettiest Pink, 2 skeins Pink Marl, 2 skeins White

Size H/5.0mm hook, Tapestry needle, Scissors



Finished size 28 in x 30 in, Gauge: 4 inches = 14 st and 11 rows of HHDC


Herringbone Half Double Crochet (HHDC): Yarn over (YO), insert your hook, YO, pull up a loop and pull directly through first loop on hook, YO and pull through remaining two loops.


With Pink, chain 105.

Row 1: Following the graph starting in the bottom right-hand corner working right to left, HHDC into the second chain from the hook and into each of the next 3 chains. Change to White to work the next 4 stitches. 

How to change color: on the last step of the stitch, pull through with the new color, work the next stitches in the new color while bringing the other color along the row and crocheting over it.

To keep the yarn colors from twisting, keep one to the front of the work and one to the back. (the youtube tutorial can explain further.)

Continue along the row following the chart for the remaining color changes. (Repeat stitches 45 to 64, 2 times to finish to the end of the row.) Always chain 1 and turn, now and throughout the entire blanket.

Row 2: Carry the white around the end of the row to crochet over it. Read the graph from left to right. 

Row 3 and 4: continue following the graph.

Row 5: Cut the White, but not the Pink. The Pink will be used throughout the entire blanket. Add in the Pink Marl on the last step of the stitch in row 4. 

Repeat the graph for 76 rows. Tie off and weave in the ends.  

close up of white border of crochet pink plaid blanket


Round 1: Pull up a loop in any corner with white, chain 2. Work 2 HHDC into the same space. Skip 2 stitches, work 3 HHDC into the next stitch. Repeat across the top. Work 3 HHDC into the corners. For the sides of the blanket, work 3 HHDC per 2 rows. Join with a slip stitch to first stitch, CH 2, don’t turn. 

Rounds 2 and 3: work 1 HHDC into each stitch and 3 HHDC into the middle corner stitch. Slip stitch to the first stitch, CH 2, don’t turn. Tie off at the end of round 3, weave in the ends. 

close up of white border of crochet pink plaid blanket

I hope you have so much fun making this blanket! You could also make this in blue or gray as they have blue marl and gray marl as accompanying colors. Although, make sure you test to find out which is the darker shade. You won’t get a plaid or gingham effect if you use the dark shade in the entire blanket, you need to use the medium shade. 

Come and show us in the Daisy Farm Crafter Group on Facebook! Or tag your blanket #daisyfarmcrafts on Instagram. We’d love to see.

xo, Tiffany

Click here or on image below for printable pattern