Crochet Hygge Friendship Blanket


hygge friendship blanket folded

A few months ago, announced that thy had acquired Red Heart Yarns and as a part of this exciting news, they sent us all sorts of Red Heart Yarns to start experimenting with. Lucky for us, Red Heart Hygge yarn was in the box. 

I have never crocheted so easily before with a furry-type yarn. Usually, yarn with extra furry fibers stick to one another and it’s difficult to undo. Which, I undo a lot. This yarn pulled free with ease. I love that! 

hygge friendship blanket folded with yarn

And then the other amazing thing I loved were these colors! They sent me this pink color called powder and the orangey fall color called rust. I was happy to see colors that are on trend right now. 

The first blanket swatch I made however, I substituted the cream for Bernat Roving. I thought it would be fun to pair a traditional brand on Yarnspirations website with the new Red Heart line. (That’s why I named it the Friendship Blanket.) But for ease of having the pattern on their site, we chose to stick to one brand of yarn. But here is that swatch:

hygge yarn and bernat roving yarn

And, here is the finished version of that blanket: 

hygge friendship blanket on ladder

Anyway, I’m thrilled to have a pattern professionally written on the Yarnpsirations website and available for a free pattern download for you all! If you click those highlighted words, the link will take you right to their site for all the yarn information, supplies and free pattern. 

Before I go, I will show you the other blanket I’ve made so far using the Hggye yarn. It’s called the Powder Puff Blanket.

(I really do love that Powder color.)

hygge powder puff blanketPowder Puff Blanket made with Red Heart Hygge

We have more coming too! This is Hannah’s work in progress using Hygge yarn. 

hygge moss blanket in progress
Hannah’s work in progress of the Moss Stitch using Red Heart Hygge yarn.

Thank you to our friends at Yarnspirations for being our sponsor for 2019 and sending us their beautiful yarns to experiment and design with. It’s been so fun sharing our ideas with you all as well. 

I hope to see some of your versions of this blanket in different colors! I know they will be so beautiful. 

If you do make one, come and share it with us! We love seeing your work. Come and join the Daisy Farm Crafters Group on Facebook. Or, use #daisyfarmcrafts on your Instagram post and we share the projects every Sunday in our Stories. 

Have a wonderful crochet day! xo, Tiffany