Crochet Granny Bucket Hat


Have you been shopping lately and seen all the crochet bucket hats for sale? My girls tell me that they are becoming very popular. I went with them to the mall the other day and was surprised at all the crochet items I saw for sale. 

But the hats were so cute and after every hat we saw, I was like, we can make that! 

This one is from Urban Outfitters: 

crochet bucket hat in green and orange

That is all granny squares and then a shell stitch for the brim. They are selling it for $33. 

This next one we saw at Anthropologie

crochet bucket hat in green and white

I’m guessing that is hdc worked between the posts. They are selling that one for $78. 

So as I’m writing this up, I googled and even Vogue has written a whole article and posted links to crochet bucket hats that are the trend for this summer. (And some of the hats they linked are upwards of $300.) 

I headed to the Yarnspirations website to see if maybe the designers there had shared anything before I started to design my own and sure enough! They have the cutest Granny Bucket Hat pattern

crochet bucket hat multicolor flowers

They made it with Red Heart O’go Super Saver. I didn’t have any of that on hand, but I substituted Bernat Softee Cotton to see if I sized the yarn and hook down it would turn out more baby/toddler size and it did! 

crochet bucket hat blue white teal flowers

I want to try other yarn and colors but if you are looking for a pattern to try, this one from Yarnspirations just might be right for you! 

You make the 6 granny squares first. Then, you sew them together into a circle. Here’s where I measured the circumference to make sure I had at least 17 inches around since that’s the measurement of Jack’s head. (Pretty common toddler size circumference.) 

Then you crochet around and decrease to the top. Then crochet around the bottom of the granny squares and increase to make the brim. 

I used 1 skein each of Bernat Softee Cotton in Seaside Blue and Pool Grean and White with a G 4.00 mm hook. 

The pattern is a free download (click here) and even has a chart to help you with the granny square. I think this could be such a fun grandparent/grandchild project for the summer. 

Anyway, I hope to get a photo of baby Jack in the hat this Memorial Day Weekend. Have a great holiday! 

xo, Tiffany 

P.S. Annie and Elizabeth loved these so much they wanted some to wear while golfing!