Crochet Cluster Puff Flower Embellishments

sweater with crochet flower embellishments

Hello there! Thank you for stopping by. Today I’m sharing a pattern for a Cluster Puff Flower Embellishment. These are an easy way to add a bit of flare to an already-made knit sweater. (And save a ton of time.)

These types of sweaters are gaining in popularity in clothing boutiques and my daughters gave me the idea to add our own crochet flowers to a cardigan for my grandbaby Kate. 

She looked so cute yesterday for Thanksgiving in her little cardigan. Below is a picture of baby Kate with my daughter-in-law Elizabeth. 

mom holding baby girl

In case you need something quick and easy for a last-minute gift, I think embellishing a cardigan with crocheted flowers is such a good idea. It just adds that bit of homemade goodness. 

These are made entirely of puff stitches but don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with them, I made a video tutorial that shows how to work that stitch and the entire flower. It’s also important to know how to make a magic ring to start the flower. This will help you to pull the middle of the flower very tight. 

Feel free to substitute yarn and make these any size you’d like. They really should turn out whatever type of yarn you choose to use. 

I chose to use Caron Latte Cake for the petal portion and work with two strands at a time to get an extra thick and puffy look. The middle of the flower is made with Patons Canadiana acrylic. 


Patons Canadiana: (100 g / 3.5 oz, 187 m / 205 yds, 100% acrylic)

Caron Latte Cakes: (250g / 8.8 oz, 485 meters / 530 yards, 58% acrylic, 42% nylon)

Size 5.0 mm hook, scissors, tapestry needle


Cluster Puff Stitch: YO, insert hook, YO and pull up a loop, repeat from * 3 or 4 times, or the amount needed depending on the yarn used and how thick you want the puff to be.


Center of Flower

Begin with a magic ring. Work 6 Cluster Puff stitches around the ring, join with a slip stitch to the first puff. Pull the ring together, tightening the stitches. Tie off. Keep tails to inside and facing you. 


Working with 2 strands of Caron Latte Cakes.

Pull up a loop in the top of a cluster puff. *CH 2. Work 1 cluster puff in the second chain from the hook. SL ST into the next puff, repeat from * until you have 7 puffs made. Tie off with long tails for sewing. 

Sew onto a sweater using the long tails. Tie knots with the tails on the inside of the sweater to secure. 

Tip: when you are working the puffs, the wrong side or inside of the flower is facing you. 

Please see video tutorial below for more help.



I hope you can embellish a little sweater for your little one. Already my girls want to do this for their friend’s Christmas gifts. It really could turn a plain sweater into something fun and give it just a bit of handmade love. 

XOXO, Tiffany

Click here or image below for free printable pdf of pattern.