Crochet Caron Big Donut O’go Bun Beanie

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Hi there! Tiffany here with a new pattern for a bun beanie hat.

My girls all have long hair and love it when I make them bun beanies.  Their ponytails can fit right through the top of the hat.

I crochet around a hair tie on the last round of the hat as an easy way to finish. I have a short video clip you can watch to see how to attach the hair tie. 

Watch this video to see a demonstration: (Bonus content at the very end showing Elizabeth wearing the hat and baby Jack.)

If you don’t need this hat as a bun beanie, you may use a tapestry needle, weave through the stitches to pull the hat closed and tie off that way.

Or, I recently demonstrated how to add a fur pom pom using a button on the inside of the hat. 

If you would like to learn that, it’s explained in the pattern for the Caron Big Donut O’go Mesh Stitch Hat. 

mom kissing baby wearing a crochet hat

This is Elizabeth kissing on baby Jack while wearing the bun beanie. Jack wasn’t feeling well so we decided to add him into the photoshoot since he was a little fussy and wanted his mommy. 

But that’s how the bun beanie works with long hair. 

crochet bun beanies

I really am liking Caron Big Donut for hats. The yarn is acrylic, but it works up like washable merino wool with lots of bounce. Plus, having it come in colorful rounds of color is fun too! 

The Big Donut pictured with the hats is called Spiced Ginger. The name of the O’go I used for the hat is called Lemon Plum and is pictured below:  

o'go yarn


Caron Big Donut O’go (100% acrylic, 280 g/9.9 oz, 459 m/502 yds)

1 skein any color

Size H/5.00mm hook, scissors, tapestry needle, elastic hair tie


Gauge 2 inches = 8 st and 7 rows of back loop HDSS 


Slip Stitch (SL ST): Insert hook into stitch, yarn over, pull loop back through and through loop on hook. 

Half Double Crochet (HDC): Yarn over (YO), insert your hook, YO and pull up a loop, YO and pull through three loops. 

Even Moss Stitch: Even Moss Stitch is a combo of half double crochet (HDC) and slip stitch (SL ST.) On the return row, HDC is worked into the tops of HDC and SL ST are worked into the top of SL ST.

Half Double Slip Stitch (HDSS): Yarn over, insert hook, yarn over pull back through and through loop on hook.

Half Double Crochet 2 together (HDC2tog): Yarn over, insert hook into HDC, yarn over and pull a loop back through, yarn over, insert hook into next HDC, (skip over the sl st), yarn over pull a loop back through, yarn over and pull through all the loops. 


This hat fits an average women’s size head of 22 inches circumference (medium adult size). Use the chart above for different sizes however I found the O’go yarn to be stretchier than regular acrylic and made the band 4 inches shorter instead of 2 inches as stated in the chart. Measure for the height of the hat from the bottom of the folded brim to the top. 

Chain 21

Row 1: In the second chain from the hook, work 1 HDSS, 1 HDSS in each chain across. CH 1 and turn. (20) 

Row 2: Work 1 HDSS in the first stitch of the row, 1 HDSS in each back loop of the next 18 sts, 1 HDCSS in the final stitch, CH 1 and turn. 

Repeat row 2 for 65 rows. (If making a different size or using a different yarn, make it an odd number of rows.)

Slip stitch the two ends together to form a band. 

Before beginning round 1, hold the band with the inside of the hat facing you to work the stitches. 

Round 1: *Work 1 SL ST into the end of one row, 1 HDC into the end of the next. Repeat from * around. (65 sts) Join with a SL ST (pull through with a new color if doing the multicolor version,) to the first SL ST of the round. CH 1 and turn. 

Round 2: Work 1 SL ST into the first SL ST of the round and *1 HDC into the next HDC. Work 1 SL ST into the next SL ST and repeat from * around. CH 1 and turn. (This is called Even Moss Stitch and will be referred as Even Moss for the rest of the pattern.)

Tip: each round will begin and end with a slip stitch, and if you are choosing to alternate colors, pull through with the new color as you slip stitch to join the round. Also if you are working with alternating colors, keep all the ends to the inside of the hat and carry the yarn up the inside. No need to cut the yarn after each row. 

Repeat Round 2 until you have 17 rounds. 

Round 18: *Work the Even Moss stitch for 5 sts. Work 1 HDC2tog across the next 2 HDC skipping the sl st in between. Repeat from * around. Join with a SL ST to first SL ST, CH 1 and turn.

Round 19: Work the Even Moss Stitch in each stitch around. Join as in other rows, CH 1 and turn. 

Round 20: Repeat round 18. 

Round 21: Attach elastic hair tie by holding it against the row on the inside of the hat and working SC around the tie and into each stitch. 

Tie off and weave in the end. 

Below is a printable version of the pattern. I’m sorry I don’t have complete video tutorial but a similar hat that does have a video is the Caron Big Donut Mesh Stitch Hat

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XO, Tiffany

Click here or on image below for printable pattern