Baby Kate is 5 Months!

Oh, how I’ve loved doing this monthly crochet project for Kate! Even though the months are flying by so quickly, I’m glad I made a commitment to crochet her something for a monthly photo shoot. 

I know in the long run we will be so grateful we have these photos of her. 

This month I chose to find a pattern on Etsy and make her a dress. I have been such an admirer of the Etsy account Mon Petit Violon for many years. I’ve saved so many of her patterns hoping that one day I’d be able to make something. 

I had my daughter-in-law Elizabeth, Kate’s mommy, look through the account and choose something for me to make Kate. It was so hard to choose just one! 

There are so many beautiful patterns. 

We found the Florie Dress and fell in love! I really loved the neckline with the bobbles and then how it transformed into a flowing skirt. We also loved the ruffles along the bottom. 

I found the perfect onsie for Kate to wear underneath it at Janie and Jack. It’s called the Baby Pointelle Bodysuit and I think it added the perfect touch! 

I want to make her so many more dresses! It is so fun to dress her up in crochet. 

A few more notes about the pattern. It was very well written and easy for me to read. You do need to know how to join rounds and make a variety of different stitch combos. 

In the pattern, there are a lot of photos that help to keep you on track. She also has included many sizes to make this. I chose to use Bernat Softee Cotton in Soft Plum using a G 4.00mm hook. 

I would rate this pattern as intermediate. It’s not for a beginner. 

Tap here to find the pattern on Etsy

We also dressed the boys up for an early Easter photo shoot since James is in town and they are all together. So don’t mind me as I do the grandma thing and share more photos of the babies! 

Kate with her bunny: 

Jack and Kate:

It’s getting so much harder to photograph, but we are surely having a blast doing it. 

Here’s baby James: 

Jack, James and Kate: 

And one last one of Jack. 

Ah, I just never imagined how good this grandma gig could be! They are truly the best gift. 

I can’t thank all of you who have been following me for years for helping me pray for this day. I am, and will always be, forever grateful to you. 

Have a beautiful and wonderful crochet day, 

XOXO, Tiffany


One more of Kate, I forgot to include: