Polka Dot Blanket


The idea all started for this blanket when I learned how to do the bobble stitch–sometimes called the popcorn stitch or puff stitch. If you don’t know how to do it, I strongly suggest that you check out YouTube and follow a tutorial by Bhooked. You’ll learn it in no time flat. But also, a bobble stitch is simply 5 DCTOG.


Next, I had to experiment with several types of yarn to get the right type of look. Some yarn is so light, the bobble won’t pop out as much. So for this blanket, I used “I love this Cotton” brand from Hobby Lobby. It gave it a nice matte finish with clearly defined bobbles.


And then came the math in order to get the bobbles evenly spaced. Finally, I experimented enough to figure it out. I also saw blanket similar to this on Pinterest to get the picture in my head of how I wanted it to turn out. I used approximately 7 skeins of the yarn. 



(see bottom of page for abbreviation guide)

Chain multiples of 9 until you have the blanket as wide as you’d like. For a baby blanket I usually do a range of 30 to 36 inches wide 

CH 1, SC in each CH across, turn, CH 1, SC in each SC across, turn, CH 1, SC in each CH across. (three rows of SC)

First row of bobbles:

Turn, CH 1, SC in the first 4 SC, Bobble stitch in the next SC, *SC in the next 8 SC, bobble stitch in the next, SC in the next 8 SC, bobble stitch in the next.* Repeat from ** to the last 4 SC. Sc in last 4 SC.

(Side note: Do not close up the loop to the bobble stitch. That will add an extra stitch. Just finish with your five double crochets together, and move onto the next stitch. You want the bobble to be one stitch only)

In between bobble rows:

Sc three rows in between each bobble row.

Second row of bobbles:

Turn, CH 1, SC into the first 8 SC, bobble stitch, SC into the next 8 SC, continuing to the end of the row. The final 8 stitches should be all SC.

Keep repeating until your blanket is to the desired height.



SC around entire blanket one time, slip stitch to join first SC.

Chain 3, TC 2 into same stitch as join, *TC 4, into next SC, TC 3 into next SC* repeat ** all the way around blanket, adding one extra set into the corners.

Join in the top of the original CH 3, fasten off and weave in the ends.


If you try this, please alert me to mistakes, or any trouble you might have, I want you to be successful! Besides, this is the cutest blanket ever and I believe all babies should have one!

Good luck!  The easiest and fastest way is to find me on Instagram @daisyfarmcrafts. Or shoot me an email at [email protected] or feel free to leave a comment.

I also have a Facebook page, a Pinterest page, a Twitter account, a YouTube channel all named Daisy Farm Crafts.  So come and find me! I do love Instagram the best and I’d love if you’d tag me and share a picture of what you are making!

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