Half Double Crochet Front Two Loop Cluster

Half Double Crochet Front Two Loop Cluster

This is a stitch I’m using in the beginner-friendly collaboration I’m doing with my friends at Yarnspirations.com. I’m excited to share and let you have a first glimpse before the pattern drops into your inbox. If you haven’t signed up for the free program, there is still time! Check out the post titled Beginner Project with Yarnspirations for all the details.

Half Double Crochet Front Two Loop Cluster

I wanted to create a faux-cable look without having to make cables. They can be a pain to keep the counting just right. Instead, I’m using this HDC (half double crochet) F2L (front two loop) CL (cluster.)

I learned from Katherine, one of the crochet professionals at Yarnpirations that when in doubt for a name of a stitch, describe the action with the name of the stitch first, then the placement of the hook. So that is why this stitch is named with symbols.

In the above picture of the scarf, I am working the rows vertically. I have you start with a really long chain, that is long enough to wrap around your neck, and then you just work about 12 or so rows. This gave the appearance of the long cables, I thought.

Here’s a video sample of the stitch:

If the video doesn’t load, please watch on Youtube.

Here are some written explanation of what I’m doing:

Make a sample swatch with any even number of chains, work the first row in all hdc starting in the 3rd chain from the hook. Ch 2 and turn. In the first hdc from the hook, YO (yarn over) and insert your hook up through the front two loops. YO and pull back through, YO insert your hook into the same front two loops again, YO, pull back through, YO and pull through all loops on the hook. SC in the next front two loops.

Repeat alternating the HDCF2LCL with the SC across the whole row. Chain 2 and turn. HDCF2L in each cluster and sc across the next row.

Practice another row of clusters. Always chaining 2 for a turning chain, and never counting the chain 2 as a stitch.

I hope you’ll come join me for the program! You sign up, and they send you coupons if you’d like to purchase the supplies from them! I’m using Patons Wool Roving for this project with a size J hook. They will email you the patterns about a week after you sign up.

After you make the scarf, you’ll be totally ready to make the hat:Half Double Crochet Front Two Loop Cluster

And after that, the mittens! I’ve kept the construction of these items as simple as possible, but still cute! As you know, I have a lot of fashion critics in my life, (aka, my four daughters) and they promise that these are modern and cute and will wear them!

And then of course, as always, as you make your items, be sure and share a photo with me so I can share with the group on facebook or with all the friends on Instagram! That’s my favorite part! I love to see how talented you are, and you might not know this, but when you share, you actually are inspiring others to pick up a hook and stay motivated. It’s true!

I hope you’ll get to practicing the hdcf2lcl!