Single Crochet Chevron Blanket in Mint, Gray, and White

Single Crochet in back loop only to get these ridges.



The colors for this blanket are heavenly. Perfect for a new baby boy or girl. I used “I Love This Cotton” brand of yarn from Hobby Lobby with a size H hook. I like a pointy chevron peak so here is a version of a simple pattern I tweaked a bit to achieve this look.



(see bottom of page for abbreviation guide)

Start by chaining 177, Single Crochet in the BACK loop always to achieve this look.

(EDIT) for a larger blanket the pattern repeat is 29 + 3.

Beginning in the 2nd chain from hook, SC2TOG, SC in next 13 CH, 3 SC in next CH, *SC in SC2TOG in the last 2 CH. 6 ripples

ROW 2: CH 1, turn, SC2TOG, SC in the next 13, 3 SC in next SC, *SC in the next 13 SC, SK nest 2 SC, SC in next 13 SC, 3 SC in next SC; rep from * across to last 2 SC, SC2TOG.

ROW 3 and 4: Rep Row 2, 2 more times and then change colors.

I changed colors after every 4th row of that color. I also put white in between each color change. You may make the color blocks as you wish however.

Good luck! And tag me on Instagram with a picture of your Afgan if you choose to follow this pattern. @daisyfarmcrafts

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  1. Hello! Thank you for stopping in. I guess I left some important details off of the pattern! So what you want to use is close to the "I love this cotton" brand from Hobby Lobby. It is 180 yards to a 100g skein. But here's the thing, I had a bunch on hand, because I collect when they go on sale and I don't know the exact amount I've used. I will have to pay attention! I bet if you order 4 skeins per color you'd have enough. But order extra white if you plan on alternating the white in between each color. I can tell you that with the starting chain of 178, the blanket is measuring approx 26 inches wide. I plan on adding a border to get it to about 30 inches wide. Good luck! I hope it works out for you!