Modified Half Double Crochet


I’m making one small adjustment to a regular half double crochet to make this “rope look” stretch across the blanket I am designing. Instead of working into the top of the stitch, I am inserting my hook up the side of the stitch.

Make this stitch with any number of chains, chain 2 and turn, and then work one row of regular HDC. Chain 2 and turn, and into the first stitch, the chain 2 does not count as a stitch, you’ll see a “V” facing you on the front or side of the work.

I made a short You Tube clip to fully explain:


I’m using this stitch in a modern design where I am working the blanket from the top to the bottom, instead of side to side. When it’s finished, I’ll come back and post a picture of the finished throw.  I know you’ll love it!


xxoo Tiffany

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